5 Top Picks for Ballarat Heritage Weekend

21 May 2017

I'm lucky enough to live in the city that's responsible for Heritage Weekend. It's my favourite event of the year and my family get super involved every year. Here are my top picks for what to do over Heritage Weekend. The theme of this year's weekend is 'Mystery', with a lot of inspiration coming from the Doctor Blake Mysteries TV show.

Statues and Autumn Chills

19 May 2017

Liana of @findingfemme wears navy midi skirt from Review Australia, trench and necktie in Ballarat

One of my favourite things about cold weather blog photos is that the tip of my nose goes bright red. From that alone, I can tell that the weather in the picture is cold. We’ve recently had the first true cold snap of the year. The late hot weather we had been enjoying through the early days of autumn have gone. As I’m writing this, my heater is broken and it is 4 degrees (39.2 F). My fingers are way too cold to be typing, so my usual fast tappity-tap of typing is a sad slow pace.

Hello Runway

14 May 2017

Last night I was lucky enough to go with my siblings to the Hello Runway event organised by Rene of Absolute Weddings. It was a locally organised fashion show with an aim to raise money for cancer research. So many local businesses donated time, services and products in order to make the show happen, such as Blanc Boutique, The Lip Lab, Polly Shoes, Pretty Flamingo Photography, The Makeup Hub and Fringe by Paris to name a few. It was also cool to get a copy of the new Love Drum wedding mag.

Restaurant Ballarat

7 May 2017

Liana of @findingfemme at Restaurant Ballarat presented by Broadsheet

It’s cold in the city. For weeks the trees have been dropping their leaves and they crunch underfoot as I walk through the streets. I stride with my hands in my pockets to keep them warm out of the brisk air. The autumn weather is beautiful and cold, but it’s weather like this that makes you want to warm the heart by warming yourself inside. Picture a cold day, a beautifully laid dinner table, the smell of a roast that someone else has cooked and good wine. This was my afternoon, but instead of snuggling into warm by myself at home, today I’m settling down to a dinner table at the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery.

Ballarat Bitter

29 Apr 2017

Liana of @findingfemme in gold ASOS pleated skirt at vintage Ballarat Bitter sign

One of my favourite beauty hobbies is to get eyelash extensions. I've had them on and off for many years. The things I like most about them include that I don't need to wear mascara on my blonde lashes, I don't need to have my lashes tinted, there is no mascara running on my cheeks when I'm exercising and I can touch my eyes all I want without worrying about smudging black everywhere.
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